The Room

Once upon a time there was a room that was in the house of a child called Liam. Liam was a curious kid but knew not to go in the room that had never been entered. His parents were very protective of their child and at all costs they would make sure he NEVER went in the room. His great grandfather went in the room a long time ago and never came out. Legend says he is still in there. He was soooo curious but the curious got the best of Liam when he went in! Nothing was in there but suddenly, darkness enveloped the room.

One thought on “The Room”

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Jake. The way you structured your text was engaging, giving readers enough detail to carefully build tension. Take care when using pronounces that it is clear to your readers which character you are talking about. You left me wondering what happened to Liam? Did he meet up with his great grandfather? I enjoyed reading your writing. 🙏😊

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