The Monster

“RUN!” He yelled as we immediately sprinted to the vehicle. As we made it to a wall we climbed it and kept running. The monster couldn’t keep up as it was tired and climbed the wall quite slowly. We leaped into the vehicle and sped off. We turned on the music as it slightly distracted the monster. The monster was a huge, furry beast. We kept driving but it was catching up! We were going really really fast. “GO FASTER!” I screamed. “THE ENGINE WILL OVERHEAT IF I GO FASTER!” But we sped up anyway. The engine was red hot and we leaped out of the car right before- BANG!

The Alien

“Please come back!” It screamed as we ran knowing what it is. “I’ve had my experience with aliens and I know that you are one!” I yelled back at him. “Which way is it to the shops?!” I panted. “We could hide there!” We went the right way and sprinted into the shops as people were questioning what we were doing. We ignored them and kept running. Not long after, the alien bursted into the shops and began looking for us. As he walked into the isle we were in we were afraid to breathe. He looked on the shelf and saw us! “Its time for lunch!” He screamed. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”