The Statue

I was walking down the street when I saw a statue. I liked the statue a lot. I sat on the bench near the statue and stared at it when I realised something. The statue began to talk. It said “Hello Max Im Zach the statue.” He replied “ hi Zach how come you can talk even if you’re a statue?” The statue told him he was turned to stone by an evil sorcerer over 1000 years ago but can still talk somehow. Max left and came back with a sledgehammer and hit the stone and Zach escaped the stone. Then they both walked off together. The end.


The 3 Kids

I woke up in a pitch black room. I saw a light in the distance. I walked towards it and saw 3 kids. One had orange hair and was very tall. I called him the orange one. The other 2 kids had brown hair. one was short and one was average height. They all looked very familiar. The orange one spoke first. “So, Max, recognise us?” I recognised all three of them. They were from my class! “We are going to keep you in here so you cant compete in tomorrows maths test because you always win. Max yelled “Nooooooooooo!!!” Then the 3 kids walked away slowly.

Why balloons are too scary for kids

I believe children should not be allowed to play with balloons at all. Here are my reasons.


Firstly, balloons can be frightening to kids because if they kicked them, it would pop and make a loud noise. This is with all colours of balloons including brown, black, and green. I believe children should never play with balloons.

Secondly, another example is if kids are at birthday parties with lots of balloons and they are messing around inside, one could pop one and scare the whole party heaps.


I believe children should not be allowed to play with balloons for a lot of reasons.