The Monster

“RUN!” He yelled as we immediately sprinted to the vehicle. As we made it to a wall we climbed it and kept running. The monster couldn’t keep up as it was tired and climbed the wall quite slowly. We leaped into the vehicle and sped off. We turned on the music as it slightly distracted the monster. The monster was a huge, furry beast. We kept driving but it was catching up! We were going really really fast. “GO FASTER!” I screamed. “THE ENGINE WILL OVERHEAT IF I GO FASTER!” But we sped up anyway. The engine was red hot and we leaped out of the car right before- BANG!

The Alien

“Please come back!” It screamed as we ran knowing what it is. “I’ve had my experience with aliens and I know that you are one!” I yelled back at him. “Which way is it to the shops?!” I panted. “We could hide there!” We went the right way and sprinted into the shops as people were questioning what we were doing. We ignored them and kept running. Not long after, the alien bursted into the shops and began looking for us. As he walked into the isle we were in we were afraid to breathe. He looked on the shelf and saw us! “Its time for lunch!” He screamed. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The Miracle

CRASH! They were destroying things as we ran as fast as we could. All of a sudden they went up into the air and started flying. “I didn’t realise they could fly!” He yelled as we tried to run. They caught up to us and grabbed us. They flew as high as they could in the air and just as it felt like we were in space, they let go. We were falling down to the ground at an alarming rate screaming as loud as we could. We thought we would be dead in seconds but just when we were about to hit the ground, a miracle happened.

The Mob

BANG! We went inside and realised It was coming from the upstairs at the highest floor. “Lets see whats happening!” I yelled as we ran up there in fear but when we got up there before we got a glimpse of it, we both fainted. We woke up in shock as we were chained to the wall while watching her create the mob. We were so afraid but we didn’t say a word or she might have realised we were awake. All of a sudden she looked at us and released the mob right at us. we screamed in fear and all of a sudden, everything went black.

The Darkness

CRASH! I woke up startled. I saw something standing at my bedroom doorway. It came towards me but then BANG! A flash of light, then darkness. Hours later I awoke in the hospital confused. I sat up. I heard noises, mysterious noises from behind me. I stood up and ran. I looked behind me and saw the same thing that was standing in my doorway but chasing me. I sprinted as fast as I could. I realised it was some sort of person that was just pure darkness. I was terrified and kept running as fast as I could but he caught up and the darkness began to devour me.

The Adventure

Smash! I woke up suddenly “ what was that?!” I yelled. “I don’t know!” My brother screamed in fear. “Get to the kayak!” I said. We both ran for the kayak and both grabbed one oar and paddled down the lake as fast as we could. “One rule for the kayak! Paddle as fast as possible!”I yelled. “Are you sure this was a good idea?” My brother said felling wistful. We were now in the forest still paddling away. “By the time we finish paddling I’m gonna be old and have wrinkled skin.” My brother said, “We are gonna have to eat mushrooms for a living! BANG! “Uh oh.”

The Room

Once upon a time there was a room that was in the house of a child called Liam. Liam was a curious kid but knew not to go in the room that had never been entered. His parents were very protective of their child and at all costs they would make sure he NEVER went in the room. His great grandfather went in the room a long time ago and never came out. Legend says he is still in there. He was soooo curious but the curious got the best of Liam when he went in! Nothing was in there but suddenly, darkness enveloped the room.

The Statue

I was walking down the street when I saw a statue. I liked the statue a lot. I sat on the bench near the statue and stared at it when I realised something. The statue began to talk. It said “Hello Max Im Zach the statue.” He replied “ hi Zach how come you can talk even if you’re a statue?” The statue told him he was turned to stone by an evil sorcerer over 1000 years ago but can still talk somehow. Max left and came back with a sledgehammer and hit the stone and Zach escaped the stone. Then they both walked off together. The end.


The 3 Kids

I woke up in a pitch black room. I saw a light in the distance. I walked towards it and saw 3 kids. One had orange hair and was very tall. I called him the orange one. The other 2 kids had brown hair. one was short and one was average height. They all looked very familiar. The orange one spoke first. “So, Max, recognise us?” I recognised all three of them. They were from my class! “We are going to keep you in here so you cant compete in tomorrows maths test because you always win. Max yelled “Nooooooooooo!!!” Then the 3 kids walked away slowly.

Why balloons are too scary for kids

I believe children should not be allowed to play with balloons at all. Here are my reasons.


Firstly, balloons can be frightening to kids because if they kicked them, it would pop and make a loud noise. This is with all colours of balloons including brown, black, and green. I believe children should never play with balloons.

Secondly, another example is if kids are at birthday parties with lots of balloons and they are messing around inside, one could pop one and scare the whole party heaps.


I believe children should not be allowed to play with balloons for a lot of reasons.